Innovation in hydration with HYDRACHRYSUM™!

June 26, 2020

We thought we knew everything about moisturization, the fundamental goal of skin care and health products. But skin has not revealed all its secrets yet!

Recent scientific progress has linked skin dryness to inflammation, creating a vicious circle of Inflamm’dryness™. For long term moisturized and healthy skin, a skin care product must not only reduce skin inflammation but also help the skin to synthesize its own molecules to return to homeostasis.

Inspired by nature’s abilities, potentiated with sustainable biotechnologies, HYDRACHRYSUM™ (opens new window) helps the skin return to homeostasis, and restore its skin barrier and hydration.

The power of the Everlasting flowers!

Have you ever heard about the everlasting flowers that remain beautiful while others just wither and die? They are used to make dry flower bouquets that will last for years! Also, going by the latin name of Helichrysum, they have ball-shaped blossoms that remain yellow overtime, and symbolize eternal or endless love in the language of flowers.

Not only eternally beautiful, Helichrysum stoechas is also very smart: it developed mechanisms to fight against dehydration while living in dry, sunny and windy dunes like those found in Brittany, France. Isn’t what we are all looking for… beauty AND intelligence?!

Helichrysum flowers

The resourceful Helichrysum’s essential oil and herbal extract have been used for centuries by herbalists and is still popular today for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, specifically for wounds, cuts, abrasions, and scars. [1]

Potentiated by our biotechnology CELTOSOME™, no wonder HYDRACHRYSUM™ is so powerful at protecting skin from dryness and reducing the effects of inflammation!

Break the Inflamm’dryness™ vicious circle: a newly discovered phenomenon linking dehydration and inflammation.

Skin barrier disruption not only leads to water loss, but also to pro-inflammatory mediators release, leading to epidermal hyperplasia and abnormal keratinization, maintaining skin dryness. This is the Inflamm’dryness™ vicious circle.

Inflamm’dryness™ vicious circle

HYDRACHRYSUM™ breaks this vicious circle by:

  • helping resolve the inflammation process
  • restoring the skin barrier function & homeostasis

Increase of Lacunae quantity, these little water pools in between the intercellular lipids

Lacunae are little interstices located in the extracellular space of the stratum corneum, in between polar-head regions of the lipids. During hydration, they provide true water tanks for water pooling, keeping moisturization level. [2]

They are a real marker of moisturization, and their quantity is significantly increased by 82% vs the placebo, only 5 days after application of HYDRACHRYSUM™.

Intense and long-term hydration with HYDRACHRYSUM™


Celtosome™ biotechnology for a sustainable and unique ingredient

To get the full benefits of Helichrysum stoechas, we used our sustainable CELTOSOME™ biotechnology (opens new window) & added a new step to create HYDRACHRYSUM™. It offers a unique molecular richness made up of hydrophilic & lipophilic molecules derived from the dedifferentiated plant cells and specific molecules secreted in the medium.

Discover our CELTOSOME™ biotechnology:

HYDRACHRYSUM™ INCI: Aqua/Water - Glycerin - Helichrysum stoechas Callus Culture Lysate

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References:/ [1]: Dorene Petersen, RH. Immortelle Essential Oil and Extract: Are Two Preparations Better than One? [2]: Kenneth A. Walters. Dermatological and Transdermal Formulations. Vol 119. More in the scientific report upon request.